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#SheShredsToo Snowboard Project

#SheShredsToo Snowboard Project



Illustration, Snowboard Design

It was winter of 2018 and I was shopping around for a new snowboard. After visiting one site after another, I noticed the lack of variety in designs for female vs. male boards. I saw so many cool boards that were sleek and simple (without the flashy pink frills) but was bummed to find out that they were only for men.

At the peak of snowboarding season in 2019, a well-established brand like Burton sold 34 male snowboards and 14 female snowboards, while factory giant Evo sold 466 male snowboards and 175 female snowboards on their website. 😐 I also discovered this incredible research write up by Hailey Ronconi from University of Vermont regarding the Gender Differences in Snowboarding.

With my frustration over this industry, I decided to take matter into my own hands. I bought old snowboards off Craigslist and turned them into a blank canvas to paint my own designs.



Behind the Scenes

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