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SF Half Marathon

SF Half Marathon


SF Half Marathon


Up until a few years ago, I hated running. I consider myself an active person and I enjoy hiking, weight lifting, rock climbing, and cycling but running long distance has always been a struggle.

But starting 2017 I started challenging myself to do triathlons, and a lot has changed since then. With a lot of practice and consistent training, I started to feel less terrified about running. The long runs have actually grown on me, and now I love using my running time to be completely unplugged from social media and get into some deep thoughts about life or upcoming lettering projects.

I ran my first half marathon in July 2019 for the SF Half Marathon. To celebrate my very first race, I made these “Strong to the Finish” stickers to pass out at the finish line. I had a few extras so I also mailed them out to a few of my friends.

P.S. If you're a Bay Area local, I highly recommend this race! The course is gorgeous (the second half at least).


Behind the Scenes

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