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Rise & Grind Mural

Rise & Grind Mural


Rise & Grind


There’s something special about projects that develop out of spontaneity.

As a continuation to my Coffee Talk Series, one day I illustrated the phrase “Rise & Grind” with the San Francisco skyline on a blank coffee cup and long and behold, it turned out a friend of mine knew of an actual coffee shop called Rise & Grind in the Richmond District of San Francisco.

I was eventually reached out by the owners of the shop and was asked to recreate the same design onto one of their walls. We also expanded the scope to include a second mural with the phrase “Congratulations, today is your day”. Since the start of the project, I’ve gotten to know the owners of the shop very well and I can proudly say that these two phrases best represent their grit, care, and positivity towards their shop and customers.

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