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Project Rosé

Project Rosé


Project Rosé


Sometimes the best ideas come to me during my commute from work. One day, I heard on the radio a commercial for Valentine's Day bouquets and thought, "Why buy a dozen roses when you can buy a dozen rosés?". I laughed at myself, whipped out my phone to save the idea, and went on with my day. 

The next day I was running a few errands at the grocery store and as I walked past the alcohol aisle, I had a light bulb moment. 💡Rather than creating an illustration of my clever rosé quote, what if I take it a step further and draw on actual rosé bottles?! I immediately stashed twelve bottles of rosé in my cart and rushed back home to start my project.

While drawing my designs, I realized even on a bad day I was never going to finish drinking all twelve bottles... That's when I decided to turn these into Valentine's Day grams like the little notes we passed out in elementary school, and take this opportunity to work with some of my friends. With these hand lettered bottles, I went around and passed them out to my fellow Bay Area entrepreneurs/passion pursuers and used my Instagram to share with the world how inspirational these people have been to me.


Behind the Scenes

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