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Global Climbing Day 2019

Global Climbing Day 2019


Global Climbing Day

Tactile Lettering

August 24 is Global Climbing Day and a few years ago @thenorthface for started an amazing campaign called “Walls Are Meant For Climbing”. The company partnered with climbing gyms all around the world today to provide free gym access. It all goes back to the notion of climbing being an inclusive and accessible sport, and encouraging people to see walls as opportunities, not obstacles.

I thought about creating this piece when I was talking to a friend about chalk lettering. Instead of drawing on concrete with chalk, what if I used the actual chalk powder to create a much bigger tactile lettering piece? I was up for the challenge.

But I didn’t want to stop there. I also created stickers to celebrate the occasion. They were made for friends and family who love exercising, staying fit, and being part of the small community of climbers and boulderers. When people see these stickers on their water bottles or their laptops, I hope it excites them about their next climbing session or reminds them of that time they finally solved their first V6.

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